New Season

My Friends

A few months ago my wife and I entered into a seasons of personal assessment. We were beginning to feel wrestles and couldn’t understand why. We began seeking the Lord and the council of trusted friends and mentors. During this time an opportunity arose that we sensed could be from the Lord. So we began exploring it, trusting that the Holy Spirit would guide and confirm His will for us. We now believe that we are being led into a new season. This Sunday I will be asking you to release me from my call as the Oaks worship pastor. 

This is a bittersweet moment for my family and I. We’ve never experienced community the way we have here at the Chapel. Since day one you welcomed us in and shared your lives with us. When Ashleigh and I arrived  we were wounded and tired. We were unsure of The Church and our calling. But you saw past that and restored our faith in community. You were the instrument the Lord chose to use to heal our hearts. We love and treasure each and everyone of you and are grateful for the opportunity we've had to serve along side you. 

I have accepted the position of worship pastor Annapolis, Maryland. My family and I won’t be moving until late February. So there’s still a lot of time for us to hang out. Please don’t just say goodbye. Come spend time with us. Each of you holds a special place in our hearts and we want to convey that to you. We love you and are for you. 

With all my heart